It’s becoming a tradition, New Year’s Eve means turkey with ALL the fixings at my house, followed by a PARTY. My parents won’t give up having the family dinner on Christmas day at their place, and the BIG family dinner happens a few days later at Grandma’s, so I’m left with the last day of the year if I want to make something special (without getting sick of turkey!)  Much like a Christmas feast, hosting a big dinner for friends and family, while prepping to party New Year’s style is no small feat. In fact, its a 48 hour job, ’cause there’s no way I’d have enough time to do it all in one day. Need to pick up currants, which is apparently as precious a commodity as gold these days. The New Year’s née Christmas pudding spends 3 hours in the steamer (and we’re doing TWO of those, so hello steamy kitchen for 6 hours; which is entirely awesome for my skin,) the turkey needs to be stuffed, and I can’t forget to schedule in that fight between my favourite knife and the acorn squash, let alone do my nails, find the right shiny shirt/pant combo… and don’t forget my hair! Oh and most important of all, BABY. Not mine! But my brand new nephew Oh Henry is staying with us for the next six months, along with his big brother Kit Kat… I just don’t know how parent bloggers get anything done, they’re so awesome.

So yeah, if you want to find me between now and January 2nd, try either the kitchen, the baby’s room or the bedroom for the few minutes I’ll have to get dressed up, oiy…

I have a few time savers that are going to help me look fabulous for the stroke of midnight, despite the prior all-day slaving for dinner.

Instant Glam

My nails are gonna look sleek thanks to KISS press on nails. I LOVE the all over black with lots of gold sparkle from the Gel Fantasy collection (package on left below,) they’re very New Years Eve party fab, and I’ll be able to quickly put them on after our big dinner (if not just before.) If I organize all the nails I want to use beforehand, I’m looking at maybe five to ten minutes to getting them all on.

Get sparkley nails on the fly with KISS gel or imPRESS nails.
Get sparkley nails on the fly with KISS gel or imPRESS nails.

And my hair is gonna looks party worthy with KISS InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler. No seriously, check out the video below to see how easy it is to get the kind of curls you want, with the right kind of flow you want too (big curls or small, having them twist left or right, whichever you prefer.) It’s also available at Walmart for $69.96 if you want to grab one quick!

KISS InstaWave Hair Curler

The Final Touches

With a few minutes to spare, I have a few make up bits that are gonna help me get the perfect look without much fuss.

CoverGirl’s Ready Set Gorgeous oil-free foundation glides on smoothly, and gives a fresh shine without looking like an oily mess.

CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

And if you saw my Holiday Beauty Bag post recently, I entirely cannot forget to use these two eye enhancers from The Body Shop for NYE! They were so easy to apply for parties earlier this month!

Get your glitter on with The Body Shop's mascara and liquid eye liner
Get your glitter on with The Body Shop’s mascara and liquid eye liner

With a quick splash of colour on my eyes, cheeks and lips, I’ll happily be ready to have fun just before the guests arrive!

What are your time saving tips for a great party-ready look??

Disclaimer: I was compensated for some items in this post, all opinions are my own!