We all love a good treasure hunt, don’t we? Many will flock to second-hand stores, hoping to find that one item that everyone else overlooked.

Treasure Hunting in North America, what will you find?

Garage sales are still a thing here in Toronto.

Kijiji is accessed daily, on the off-chance that someone is selling a yet unidentified precious antique that is doing nothing more than collecting dust.

And you just might find your neighbour creeping around your backyard to find a Pikachu. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that is all about hunting down bits of virtual treasure.

Did you know that there are real treasures of gold and precious gems to be found across North America?

I hadn’t fully appreciated our epic cultural love affair with X-marks-the-spot until watching a recent episode of Josh Gates’ Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel. If you’re not familiar with this archeologist, his adventures around the world are the epitome of “Geek Travel”.

Joshua Gates - Expedition Unknown

Treasure Hunts in North America

Here are some of the better known treasures to be found in North America.  This list will grow, as I find more to share in this treasure hunting series.

  1. The Secret: A Treasure Hunt in North America
  2. Pirate’s Gold along Florida’s Coast
  3. Plummers Gold in Montana
  4. Fenn’s Fortune in the Rocky Mountains
  5. Brother Twelve’s Gold in Vancouver, BC
  6. more to come soon!


Treasures Hunts in North America is going to be an ongoing series on Geek Life. If you have any suggestions on treasures to follow, give me a shout!

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