When was the last time you made a trip to Best Buy to browse the epic smart home technology that is available on the market right now? It’s exciting how fast the “internet of things” market is exploding to interconnect every aspect of our life digitally into a near fluid method of living.

Do you ever think back to grandma’s house, or perhaps the home you knew as a child, and suddenly stop to realize how truly insane technology advancements are these days? I still remember the day that dad brought home our very first VCR and my not fully comprehending what this massive silver box was supposed to do, other than prop up the TV five inches higher.

Just last week, I had a Star Wars Blu-ray DVD combo pack delivered by mail, and it took me longer than I care to admit to realize that the TV I wanted to use only needed a digital code to play. No need to dig out and set up our old Blu-ray player at all.

There is incredible potential these days to Skynet our homes, and with that in mind, here are six of my favourite ways to smarten up your bedroom.

Making Your Bedroom a Smart-Home Genius

1.  Logan & Cove Luxury Mattress

The first item for the smart-home list might make you flail a bit, but it’s a solid product that would make any smart-home bedroom top of the line.

It doesn’t even need an app! Batteries not included, and not required, woot.

Here’s the thing. You could have all the amazing smart-home products in your room, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep.

I know this now from ample personal experience.

For over a year I’ve been waking up feeling like I haven’t slept at all. I thought I was sick. Or maybe drinking too much caffeine.

I’d cry at the thought of getting up, because there was no way that I had got the full night’s sleep I was aiming for, even when my bedside clock was telling me otherwise.

I also had a few debilitating issues. All of a sudden, I couldn’t lift my right arm over my head without a significant amount of pain.

Turns out, my old mattress was the culprit for everything.

Now? I’m getting the sleep I need, and after a full-night reboot, I’m ready and truly looking forward to start my days.

I can enjoy all the tech in my room with a clear mind. And I can even move my right shoulder again, without any kind of pain at all.

I can think.

My website is working better, and hey, it’s even rebranded. I attribute the changing of “Geek with Style” to the more encompassing “Geek Life” title thanks to the solid sleep I’m getting every night now.

Why You Definitely Need Logan & Cove’s Luxury Mattress in Your Life Right Now

You need a good sleep to be well-adjusted for your everyday. A poor sleep can affect your mental health, and it can even cause you to gain weight.

When at least a third of your life is spent on a mattress, it’s crucial to have one that meets all of your needs.

It was soul-destroying, desperately wondering why I couldn’t get enough sleep so that I could think properly throughout my day.

Owning a few small businesses, I don’t have time to be sick and tired, and that waking-fog feeling all day was seriously affecting my bottom-line.

Could not sleep on old mattress.
Stuck in my old mattress, couldn’t find a working angle to get a good night’s sleep for over a year. I didn’t realize how desperate it was, until I replaced that old thing with a quality mattress.

I’ve somehow become an “expert” on mattress moving. With a sister that I’ve had to help move in and out of various rentals throughout her university years, as well as aiding my aging parents when they were in need, I’ve had my fair share of the mattress shuffle over the past decade alone.

With Logan & Cove, I was intrigued by the boxed-mattress delivery system. I couldn’t fathom how a full-size luxury mattress could fit in a box to be delivered right to my door.

But it does, and the method works beautifully.

Turns out vacuum sealed technology can keep coils flattened down exceedingly well.

So, there is no reason to worry about how you’ll have your new mattress delivered to your house, as it gets shipped right to you for FREE within 3 business days.

Vacuum sealed luxury mattress shipped to house.
Vacuum sealed coils make it simple for Logan & Cove to roll up and ship your luxury mattress right to your door.

This was hands down the easiest mattress set up my husband and I had ever had the pleasure of moving. While heavy (it’s a mattress with coils, it’s still going to be a two-person job,) we got the wrapped mattress up the stairs without any of the usual hardship or creative maneuvering required.

We simply just had to lift it and go. Ceiling, angles and tight corners were laughably easy to ignore.

I wish removing our old mattress had been this simple. We actually broke a curtain rod in our stairwell while shuffling the old mattress down the stairs. Also nearly threw my back out, even with my “expertise”.

Unwrapping and removing the vacuum sealed plastic was a non-event that took only a few minutes to complete.

Logan and Cove only luxury vacuum sealed mattress to come in a box
Unwrapping the Logan & Cove luxury queen mattress was so easy to do.

One thing that I found interesting – our queen mattress fits perfectly within our IKEA Malm bed frame.

Our old mattress left quite a bit of room around the edges of our frame, particularly lengthwise (head to toe.) We had to put a wedge into the frame itself to stop it from creaking loudly whenever we moved.

With this new Logan & Cove luxury mattress, the creaking is gone!

I actually don’t feel Jay at all when he shifts, turns and leaves the bed early in the morning for work. It used to be that I’d wake up the moment he flexed a toe, let alone when he’d get up to get ready for his day.

Queen Logan and Cove Mattress pillow top firm perfect comfort
This firm, coiled mattress is pillow-top designed for an absolutely comfortable sleep.

Queen Logan and Cove Mattress fits perfectly in IKEA MALM bedframe

Looking for a new mattress?  Seriously, visit Logan & Cove online. You get to try this mattress out for 120 days, have it shipped to your door, and easily set it up.

FREE 3 business day shipping, and backed by a 15 year warranty, so what exactly do you have to lose?

Jay says it’s the best review item that has ever graced the pages of Geek Life.  I just might have to agree with him.

Enter for your chance to WIN a Logan & Cove Luxury Mattress! It’s the only inner-spring/memory foam hybrid mattress available in Canada that is boxed up for easy shipping.

Logan & Cove Free Mattress Competition

2. Nanoleaf Rhythm

If your home needs a little bit of colour, or an art-deco piece to tie colours in together, I absolutely recommend picking up Nanoleaf’s 9 or 15 panel set of interconnected lights that will also dance to the rhythm of any music you happen to play in your room.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Light for Smart Bedroom

A pretty set of lights.


A mood changer!

Have you ever heard of light therapy? It’s something that I’ve been highly interested in, especially since Toronto experiences cold dark days for at least a third of every year (it’s nearly mid-April, and we’re still getting snow! #SadPanda)

By the time February rolls around, I get a serious case of antsy, desperate to leave my beloved city for someplace, any place where the sun shines brighter (or at all.)

Nanoleaf Rhythm Smart Home Bedroom Technology IoT

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 2 to 3% of Ontarians are afflicted with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and another 15% have less severe, but affected experiences due to lack of sunlight.

We want to soak in the VitD, and shine like the sun itself, but on the darker days, sometimes you swear you can feel exactly how very far away the sun is from us.

If you need a little bit of extra light in your life, definitely consider picking up a Nanoleaf kit for that too. While it’s not built specifically for light therapy (so if SAD is part of your life, look for a specific light therapy source,) for those of us that are part of the 15% that truly miss the sun, this is a great source to keep you going.

There are sun-mimicking colour schemes that can be set to wake you up (in conjunction or instead of an audible alarm.)

Check out the 9 and 15 panel sets available at Best Buy!

Nanoleaf Rhythm at Best Buy

3. Google Home Mini

Have your Google Assistant available to you right on the tip of your tongue, by adding a Google Home Mini to your bedroom decor.

“Okay Google, what is the weather like today?”

“Hey Google, can you tell me what’s on the news?”

Google Home Mini in the Smart Home Bedroom

Despite the security concerns, this baby can be super helpful if used with care.

  • Ask Google for news updates on the fly.
  • Listen to your music list, or discover new tunes.
  • Integrate it with other smart technologies, such as Nanoleaf, your Smart TV, ecobee and so much more.
  • If you’re in the US especially, use the device to set up deliveries.

Security with Google Home devices is largely concerning tracking audio when you’re not around. For instance, there is a known hack where nosey, unfunny, and downright awful neighbours will attempt to order supplies through your device while you’re not there. This works if your shopping account has a credit card integrated with your Google account, and no password to speak of.

Another concern is TV or YouTube videos/commercials that were created to say “Hey Google,” and wreak spammy havoc with your device.

These incidents can be avoided by muting the microphone on your Google Home device when you’re not around to use it.

4.  Smart TV & ESET Security

If you have an Android Smart TV, you need ESET to help keep it secure.

A Smart TV can be the fun when you need to unwind, including gaming, stream movies from your Google Movies list or Amazon Prime account, music, and generally anything you would do with your Android phone or tablet.

ESET Smart Android TV Antivirus Protection Experience Safer Technology

Your Smart TV isn’t smart without security software installed, so beef it up with ESET’s FREE & PREMIUM TV security software. Only takes a few minutes to set up, and you’ll be all the more safer with it installed.

5.  Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

Not only does this purifier keep your room nicely warm or cool depending on your preferences and the season, but hey, purifying is a thing. I run the purifier often as I’m prone to migraines, but it’s also very helpful if your room is in line with the kitchen’s ventilation.

Before the purifier, our clothes would have a distinct east Asian spicy scent embedded within not matter what we tried to do to keep that from happening. Those spices will stick to clothing like glue. With the purifier running, our clothes can keep the nice fabric softener scent a little longer before needing another wash.

Using the Dyson app, you can make changes to your room’s settings from anywhere in your house.

Check out how awesome the Dyson Pure is in this review.


6.  ecobee 4

So ecobee 4, a digital home thermometer affects the whole house obviously.  But you can set it to optimal settings for your bedroom. Add a sensor to your bedroom to help figure out the true temperature in your room.

And if you need to make changes overnight while you’re tucked snuggly into your bed, you can do so from your phone.

ecobee 4 smart home thermostat with sensor

If you live in Ontario, you might qualify for a $100 home improvement credit by installing ecobee!

The ecobee 4 also comes pre-installed with Amazon’s Alexa, if you want more than one AI in your home.

Smart Home Technology to Make Your Bedroom Bright

What are you favourite bits of IoT tech that you use in your bedroom?  Share in the comments below!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Logan & Cove in a partnership with Geek Life to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make better-informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.