Prodigy Game, a local start-up out of Burlington, Ontario, has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies after developing a fantastic online game to help your kids want to learn math. While I’m writing this out, Kit is playing Prodigy Game on our Android tablet, and is so excited that he’s made it to “Level 18” in his gameplay so far. It’s so easy for him to access on either the desktop computer, our netbook, or tablet. No matter the device the game is available to him at any time.

Prodigy Math Tutoring Game Landing page

He’s willingly learning math, as it helps him advance in a game he enjoys playing. With a motive to go explore the worlds developed in Prodigy, Kit has found a reason to learn math. For kids just like Kit, Prodigy game is helping evolve how math is being taught for Grades 1 to 8.

Reasons to sign up with Prodigy Game right now:

  • The game is free, and even parents can sign up to access all the educational content that follows your child’s curriculum. You can also purchase an optional membership for a small monthly fee, that will give your child game extensions and character perks, but the teaching portion is the same for both free and paid memberships.
  • It helps develop and enhance your child’s math skills.
  • The Prodigy game is FUN. Your kids will become addicted to a game dedicated to teaching them math. The first thing Kit has asked when coming home from school this week has been, “Can I play the wizard game, please?” (Prodigy allows your child to build a wizard avatar that explores a world that tests their math knowledge…and Kit is loving it.)
  • The game also helps you, as a parent, have a comprehensive understanding of your child’s progress in learning math, understand what math problems your child excels in, and more importantly, which problems they struggle with.
  • Prodigy is used in classrooms today and there are ways to sync up your account to see if your child is playing Prodigy while at school, and ultimately understand how much time they’re spending playing this game.
  • Explore an alternative way to teach your kids a super important skill. Instead of the common, “Awh, do I have to?” when the word “homework” is uttered, they are going to ask you if they can stay up another 15 minutes to play and learn more.
  • Works on desktops and tablets (even smartphones), making it easy to play almost anywhere.
  • Crucial anonymity for your child, while still being able to play online with their friends.

Prodigy Online Math Tutoring Reports For Parents

One thing about Prodigy that I love most is that it tells me where Kit needs improvement in his math studies. He’s only a couple of months into Grade 2 math at school, so I’m not quite sure if “place and value of a digit to tens” is something that they’ve covered in class yet, but it’s an area that I hope Prodigy will help him work through until he masters it.

prodigy math game find what level student is at

Parents are not left wondering how their kids are excelling with their math game. A concise report is developed into the parent account to show how their child is progressing.

This is what Kit covered on a FRIDAY alone! It can be tough to get him to want to do a single page of math homework that he’s brought home from school, but on the Prodigy Game, he willingly answered 165 math problems all on his own in a single day.

learn mathematics from basic to advance with Prodigy Game

As great as it was to see Kit being able to learn math concepts at a Grade 3 level, we want him to be able to have a strong foundation of math abilities that are ranked for his current Grade level.

There were some subtraction questions that were way out of Kit’s league as they were set for a Grade 3 student, so we overrode the question database to set it only for Grade 2 type questions right now – one of the great features of the game.

While Jay and I had fun teaching Kit Grade 3 concepts for subtraction and grouping when he called us for help, we felt he would be better off having a solid Grade 2 level foundation, and move on to the Grade 3 level at his own pace.

Part of the gamification aspect of Prodigy we absolutely love is that it challenges Kit to work out the math problems on his own.

free math tutor online 24/7 with prodigy game

Once this handy report indicates that Kit has mastered a fair bit of Grade 2 designed questions, we’ll set it to include Grade 3.

math lessons online with prodigy game

Work with Prodigy

Prodigy is doing a great job of getting a new generation interested in the STEM fields. It’s great to see a Canadian company making strides in innovation. If you or someone you know is interested in working for a company with a great culture, and a passion for doing great work check out their open positions here.


This post was sponsored by Prodigy in a partnership with Geek with Style to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make better informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.