Having Android OS available on your TV is amazing right? So simple to access your favourite apps, games, movies, and music from the Google Play store on your big screen for epic entertainment. But are you safe?  Is your TV safe from viruses, and abuse?  Chances are, you may be part of the 90% of Android TV users that haven’t protected their TV from fraud. Luckily ESET’s FREE & PREMIUM TV security software can fix this in a matter of minutes.

It’s the first app fully dedicated towards protecting your Android TV, cognizant of your TV’s controls and user interface.

ESET Smart Android TV Antivirus Protection Experience Safer Technology

Here’s the Not So Cool Thing About Unprotected Android TVs

Like any other Android device, your TV is left unprotected unless you add the best security app for your device: ESET Smart TV Security. Android OS devices are not secure out of box, it’s up to you to keep your devices safe.

But, what does that really mean for you?

It means that if you haven’t added security to your TV, your beautiful family entertainment centre can easily be affected by viruses, phishing schemes, and the increasingly popular ransomware (malware that will lock your device/files until you pay the hacker to hopefully send you the key).

Your identity and/or credit cards could be stolen.

You could be spied on through any sensors your TV might have (camera, microphone, etc.)

It all sucks and could have long-lasting consequences for you and your family.

Profiling a Hacker: Challenge Accepted

Here’s something about the mind of a hacker that you may not fully understand.

If a hacker discovers a device that could contain private, profitable data, they will spend all of their waking hours to find and break down any weaknesses just to prove that they can get to that data.

Sometimes the challenge is worth more to a hacker, than the actual data itself.

That doesn’t mean they won’t use what they find and collect though.

What can your Android TV give a hacker access to?

Everything. Honestly, everything. The moment you log into your TV with your personal Google email address, the TV account is locked into everything that your Google account holds.

I was shocked to see that I’ll never have to enter my Netflix password (it’s a long painful string,) because I tied my password to Google’s Chrome browser years ago.

The search function for my TV is only accessible by voice commands. This is potentially recorded data that can be beneficial to hackers in the future.

For instance, a leading Canadian telecommunications company is beginning to use voice patterns as proof of password. Imagine what could happen if a hacker could synthesize your voice from data collected through your TV.

You may have a credit card attached to your Google Account for movie/music purchases.

What you need to be more aware of is that there is a price for the conveniences found in your connected Android TV.

The good news is, installing ESET is a fantastically easy way to barricade any potentially open back-doors that a hacker’s virus/ransomware might try to exploit.

Which Devices have Android TV OS?

The Android TV operating system can be found in these televisions and similar devices that you just might have in your home:

  • TVs:
    • SONY
    • Philips
    • Sharp
    • Vestel
    • TCL
    • Bang & Olufsen
  • Game consoles: Nvidia Shield, Razer Forge
  • Media players: Nexus Player, newly announced Nvidia’s BFGDs (streaming device)

Okay, I Get It – I Need A Software Solution. How Do I Install ESET Smart TV Security?

Two easy ways to set up ESET Smart TV Security on your Android TV device:

If you have a SONY TV, you may find ESET Smart TV Security already installed within your TV’s “Featured Apps” section. So, no installation action needed on your part, yay! Simply login/sign-up for the free or premium software account.

ESET Smart Android TV Antivirus Protection on Google Play

Otherwise, open Google Play Store on your TV and search for “ESET Smart TV Security”.

The app can be used on up to five compatible devices under the same Google account.

Try out the premium software for the first month for free, and then either purchase to keep the premium license for $14.99/year ($1.99/month) OR automatically move down to the free version – an incredibly low cost for a year-round, fully inclusive security solution!

Your premium license also gives you access to ESET Mobile Security for your smartphone and tablet that are using the same Google account.

ESET SmartTV and Mobile Secuirty Apps

That’s a whole lot of security for your Android devices at an affordable monthly or yearly rate. And, if you haven’t ever installed an antivirus app on your smartphone or tablet, NOW really is the time to do so!

Check out ESET Smart TV Security, for all the info.

ESET Smart Android TV Antivirus Protection Settings
Be sure that ESET Smart TV Security Settings are exactly how you want them to be.

What Does ESET Smart TV Security Actually Do?

Both the free and premium editions will:

  • Manually scan for viruses, and automatically scan their virus database for updates to keep your security current.
  • Real-time protection by scanning apps during installation.
  • Scan any connected USB storage that could potentially be infected by malicious malware. You never know if your USB drive has more than just your vacation photos to view on your big TV screen.
  • Include ESET’s Ransomware Shield that will help remove this type of malware, even if a ransom was activated.

The premium edition also includes:

  • Anti-phishing protection for popular TV browsers.
  • Create a scanning schedule for your antivirus protection, so that you don’t have to remind yourself to manually scan your TV often.

Is your Android TV safe now? If you’ve installed ESET Smart TV Security app, breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ve made a great choice in securing you and your family from digital threats!

Does This Mean I Don’t Have to Worry About Threats at All?

ESET Smart TV Security is the only antivirus program that was built with your Android TV in mind, and you will have maximum security coverage that will keep your information safe.


ESET Smart Android TV Antivirus Protection

There isn’t a single piece of antivirus software out there that can keep you away from all harms though, as there are new threats designed to steal from you daily.

So, just be smart about how you handle your identity online.

Be aware of the reputation of the apps and files that you download to use on your TV.

And know that ESET has a reliable collection of antivirus products that will keep you in the best hands of strong security measures against known threats. And they work diligently to understand all threats that are out there.

It’s your buddy with the big muscles against the shady underground of hackers and spies.

Don’t ever use your Android TV without their backup.

ESET Smart TV Security App

Did You Ever Wonder Whether Your TV Might Not Be Secure?

I’d love to know if this was something that you worried about before. Back in the analogous days, the worst we had to worry about was bad TV commercials, but now they can be two-way communication devices.

And that’s just awesome, right?

What’s the most favourite thing your Android TV can do?