The Wisdom of Spider-Man that Everyone Should Read

Happy Hallowe’en! Our house had all of 13 kids show up (and we bought a 90 piece box of Mars candy, so guess whose loaded up on sugar now, baby!) Two of the door-knockers were dressed as Iron Man, and my nephew KitKat was dressed as Spider Man, so yay, go Marvel! Not a single […]

Office? Oh you mean my fave coffee table… or the FanExpo?

A friend recently asked where do I work, and the easiest answer is everywhere.  Thanks to not one, but two #IntelPowered 2 in 1 tablets, including my ASUS Transformer 2 in 1, I can virtually make anyplace my office, and that’s an awesome thing, (Psst, find out more about Intel 2 in 1s here.)  I […]