Beakerhead: Calgary’s STEM / STEAM Festival

Calgary’s citywide Beakerhead STEM / STEAM festival is a must-see all-ages event, celebrating the need for creativity, engineering and science combined. If you’re in the area September 19 to 23, make sure you plan to take in as many of the free installations as you can, and budget for tickets to a few of the […]

Star Trek Starfleet Academy: Testing Your Wit and Might

One of the coolest geek events available right now is the Star Trek Starfleet Academy Experience, currently at Telus Spark in Calgary, AB. It’s a fun aptitude test of 7 crucial skills that make up Starfleet’s career paths, to see which branch you would excel at most. Are you destined to command your own Galaxy-class […]

Geeks Are Taking Over Calgary By Stormtroopers

I’m so entirely excited for my upcoming #GeekTravel trip to Calgary, Alberta, I can hardly contain myself! Honestly, fit to burst. Next weekend (April 27th to 30th,) Calgary is hosting its 12th annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and I’ve got tickets to go, yeehaw! I hadn’t realized until I was invited to attend the […]