The Orville: Don’t Get Your Starfleet Issued Knickers in a Twist

There are two words that pop into my head whenever I think of Seth MacFarlane’s current space dramedy, The Orville. Ridiculously. Frustrating. It’s not Star Trek, but it is. It’s like The Orville is a Star Trek fan production that managed to sneak its way onto prime-time television. And with MacFarlane at the helm, you would […]

Geeks Are Taking Over Calgary By Stormtroopers

I’m so entirely excited for my upcoming #GeekTravel trip to Calgary, Alberta, I can hardly contain myself! Honestly, fit to burst. Next weekend (April 27th to 30th,) Calgary is hosting its 12th annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and I’ve got tickets to go, yeehaw! I hadn’t realized until I was invited to attend the […]

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