You’ve Got 30 Days to Get Your Beauty On with Shoppers Drug Mart

This IS a sponsored post, but OMG if you love beauty products like I do, check out this Shoppers Drug Mart deal, yo! One of my favourite Shoppers Drug Mart events is happening this month!  For the third year in a row, Shoppers is hosting their biggest beauty event of the year, WOOT!  Seriously, this […]

Kiyonna Style Makeover Contest

Style. Makeover. and Contest.  Three FABULOUS words! *happy dance* And when Kiyonna Sophisticated Style (size 10+ fashion)  is involved, a style makeover is something I totally want to win!  And I’ll give you one specific reason why… This Gigi Lace Cinch Dress is all ALL kinds of gorgeousness.  I have a wedding anniversary coming up and am […]

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