Intel RealSense – One Step Closer to Virtual in Physical Space

Are you waiting for that moment when a simple wave of your hand will have countless files scrolling virtually right before your eyes? Without the use of a monitor screen? You know, like on those scif-fi shows and movies where one of the main characters easily interacts with a graphic user interface that is virtually […]

Giving 2014 a Loaded Boot, and Welcoming 2015: The Year of the Hoverboard

The tech world does not hibernate, not even for a little bit once the New Years Eve ball drops. CES is next week, where lots of the top brands in the tech industry, all the way through to kickstarter groups, will show off their latest innovations and visions for the future… and I all forgot […]

Figuring Out the Right Tablet For Anyone On Your Gift List

So you want to buy a tablet for someone whom you obviously adore (’cause let’s be real, tablets can be minor investments, so this isn’t a Secret Santa gift!)  You might have gone online recently and got entirely perplexed over the massive choices available to you.  They almost all look the same, especially if you’re […]

Choosing The Right Tablet for Your Kids This Holiday Season

There are so many tablets out there, it can be a bit daunting at first look to find a kid-friendly tablet that won’t become a paperweight after a while. Tablets are quickly becoming inexpensive investments that can help any child learn and play, once the main hurdle has been jumped. Finding the right fit in a tablet can be […]

The Wisdom of Spider-Man that Everyone Should Read

Happy Hallowe’en! Our house had all of 13 kids show up (and we bought a 90 piece box of Mars candy, so guess whose loaded up on sugar now, baby!) Two of the door-knockers were dressed as Iron Man, and my nephew KitKat was dressed as Spider Man, so yay, go Marvel! Not a single […]

Office? Oh you mean my fave coffee table… or the FanExpo?

A friend recently asked where do I work, and the easiest answer is everywhere.  Thanks to not one, but two #IntelPowered 2 in 1 tablets, including my ASUS Transformer 2 in 1, I can virtually make anyplace my office, and that’s an awesome thing, (Psst, find out more about Intel 2 in 1s here.)  I […]

Back to School Tech Series: Finding the Right Mobile Computer

Welcome to part one of Geek with Style procrastinated Back to School Tech series! Okay, truth, not really procrastinated, instead more of an idea borne last night, but “procrastination” sounds more catchy right?  Its the best time to find a mobile computer for the post-secondary students in your life, so here are a few suggestions […]