Celebrate Spring with eShakti

Welcome to the beginning of Easter weekend (or at the very least, a long weekend!)  And guess what??  It feels like SPRING outside here in Toronto!  I went out in a dress and still felt warm!  I hope wherever you might be, that the temp is at least above zero for you. So this post […]

Celebrate Spring 2013: Fashion Event & Giveaways

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for Spring 2013 since November 2012! Why? Well, for one thing, Winter is just too darn cold in Toronto, (Ontario generally becomes this big mess of freezing, wet weather that makes me want to hide away forever under my awesomely warm comforter.) And two, Spring 2013 is […]

Ever Wanted a Dress to Fit Just Right?

Have you heard of the fabulous online dress company eShakti before?  No? Let me introduce you to them!  (And if you have heard of them before I have a promo code for you below!) eShakti designs customizable dresses for sizes between 0 to 36 (as well as tops, skirts and jackets!)  Their selection is always new […]