DIY: How to Make Comic Book Shoes

Have you ever wanted to wear Superman or Batman on your feet? How about Spiderman? Deadpool? The Invisible Woman? With a truly simple art project you can get this done in no time, and have new stylish footwear that your buddies will envy. They’ll be one of a kind, ’cause you made them! I recently […]

How To: A “Santa Trap” Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

It might be because I’ve been binge-watching the myth hunting Destination Truth show recently, but I came up with an idea to make a Santa Trap DIY Christmas Tree Ornament, which might make Santa’s work harder, but I’m betting my nephew Kit is going to love this idea anyway. The premise is, when Santa breaks […]

DIY: How To Capture a Ghost

Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t know. Do you? I am balancing nicely on the fence of their maybe existence. On the one hand, it almost seems small-minded to believe there isn’t anything more than misinterpretation for such a common world-wide cultural phenomenon, especially since its already been established that we can’t see every […]

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