Does the mere thought of clipping coupons make you exhausted? Luckily, here in Canada, we can use our smartphones quickly and easily to grab the discounts we need to stick to our budgets. Here’s a list on my fave ways to save money with my smartphone in hand.

So, you’re on a budget. It can be really tough sometimes, especially if you’re tired looking for a great deal when you found the perfect product, with a not so perfect price tag. It can be soul crushing to have that item you want in hand, and that super high price tag won’t change, no matter how much you stare at it.

It sucks.

You might have a chance at changing the game a little bit though. Some stores don’t advertise it, but they provide online coupons that you can use while shopping offline.

Here is the list of online coupons that will work in store. The best way to keep these on hand is to create a “Coupon” folder on the front screen of your smartphone, and then save these websites to your phone’s desktop (front screen) for future use.

Online Coupons to Instantly Save Money Offline

Save these links to your phone, and then have them ready for when you’re at the check out. Most of these coupon savings won’t need to be printed first, before you head to the store/restaurant, you simply need to show the coupon on your phone for the discount.

Food / Restaurant Coupons

Harvey’s Canada
Will find at least one coupon available on this site.

Bulk Barn
Make sure you have the right province selected when saving your coupon. If it states for “Ontario”, and you’re from Alberta, scroll down to the bottom of the page and change the province within the dropdown menu.

Usually you can find a coupon for $3 off of a $10+ purchase.

Food / Restaurant Apps to Download or Print Before

Ritual (Android / iOS)
Live in Toronto? Before downloading the app, sign up first with this link, to save $10 with Ritual on your next couple of meals ($5 off of your first two orders each.) Ritual is a pre-ordering app to save you time and money during your lunch or dinner break, mostly within the downtown core. Find what you would like to order from over 200+ restaurant/cafe choices, and have it ready before you arrive at their door! Ritual also has an ongoing rewards program to sweeten the deal, and help budget your on-the-go meals a little better.

Flipp (Android / iOS)
While this app does provide coupons, these are required to be printed ahead of time. That said, if you’re shopping at a store that does price matching (Walmart, Fresh Co., Best Buy, etc.,) you can search competitor flyers instantly to see if another store can provide a better price. Some stores, like Best Buy, go one step further by ensuring it will be cheaper to purchase from them by adding a 10% discount along with the price match!

McDonald’s (Android / iOS)
You used to be able to find their coupons online, but they’ve switched to an app that you have to download. It’s bulky, and takes a long time to work, but the deals are pretty good when available.

A&W – Print
Ugh. You have to jump through a couple hoops, like signing up for an account to login to see your set of coupons, and at this time they have to be printed ahead of time. I’m really hoping they’ll change their ways soon. There is the one bonus of earning a free Root Beer drink by using this link to access their site though.

Mary Browns – Print
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a coupon. I’ve never been to a Mary Browns, so I’m keeping this link down in the print section, until I hear otherwise (they may accept the coupon by phone, but I don’t have confirmation either way.)

Taco Bell – Print
I can’t confirm if the coupons are available for print only, or can be shown in store as of yet.

Marble Slab Creamery – Print
Again, not sure if they will accept coupons yet by phone.

Beauty Coupons

Sally Beauty
You’ll need to join their newsletter, but you can show your coupons by phone when you make your purchases.

Also text DEALS to 72559 for deals by SMS (Up to 8 deals/month.) Text STOP, to have them stop, or HELP for help.

Beauty Apps to Download

Shopper’s Drug Mart (Android / iOS)
These coupons are to build up your Shoppers Optimum points card, but they tend to have really great offers on the items you love to shop for most.

Craft Supply Store Coupons

Michael’s Craft Store
Coupons work based on which store/province you’re at, so ensure that you have the right location selected.

I’m confident there are more ongoing coupons to use by smartphone and save right now. I’ll be adding to this list as soon as I find them! 🙂

Travel Toronto: Free Wifi Hotspot Locations
Travel Toronto: Free Wifi Hotspot Locations

Need convenient WiFi hotspots to check out coupon availability while on the go? If you’re in Toronto, you can find a free WiFi hotspot near you.

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