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Geek with Style Contest: Marvel's Hawkey #19 and AXIS: Revolutions #1

If it hasn't become readily apparently recently, I love to read comics. Despite popular belief, it's actually not something to grow out of (there are rating systems, much like what movies use, and there are many comics out there that aren't suitable for kids at all.) There have been quite a few issues recently that have wowed me for various reasons, and I've been compelled to share. Check out why I've decided to run a giveaway on two of my more recent fave comics, and enter the form below for your chance to win some awesomeness!

Black Widow Realism

Part of my comic obsession/dedication is that, most of the time, I love the art. The plot/arc actually has to be spectacular for me to pic up a comic, if the art involved just doesn't do it for me. And the opposite is true too. There is a current run of Black Widow comics, drawn by Phil Noto, that is simply phenomenal in its rendering. Gorgeous settings and dress appropriate for a female action/super hero. I love that this character isn't designed as some busty babe who beats up bad guys with odd, awkward moves/angles. The illustrations have a more realistic approach, creating a well-rounded Black Widow with flaws/issues, employing a nowhere-from-easy code of honour, and happens to have an impeccable fashion sense for her career.

Two Black Widow Covers, drawn by Phil Noto

Two Black Widow Covers, drawn by Phil Noto

Page from Black Widow #11, 2014 - drawn by Phil Noto

Page from Black Widow #11, 2014 - drawn by Phil Noto

I also love complicated story lines. In the current Marvel comics world, one big plot can potentially span across a multitude of comic universes.  In essence, a story concept that you're reading in the Iron Man series, can also have tidbits in Wolverine or Loki. Its one big encompassing world that you get to explore.

Deadpool Doesn't Fear Words Nor Wisdom

I think the main draw to comics for me though is the social commentary. Right now I'm reading Deadpool's Art of War and its both hilarious and enlightening on what's sadly become common business practices on every level. And though I've only read issue #1 so far (I'll be reading #2 the moment I hit publish on this post,) I have a feeling that this series has more layers than an onion to pick through. With one big burst of irony, Deadpool quickly avenges the death of two concubines by killing Sun Tzu, by catching him unaware, then steals (to potentially sell the concept of,) the 13 Art of War chapters.

Then things get hairy when Deadpool starts making business sense.

Deadpool's Art of War #1, drawn by Scott Koblish

Deadpool's Art of War #1, drawn by Scott Koblish

Hawkeye Will Get Back Up Again

The Hawkeye/Hawkguy (2012-2014) series is quite creative, and I've really taken to issue #19 (one of the comics that I'm giving away below!) This particular issue is chockfull of awesome, highlighting various disadvantages and differing abilities that isn't usually seen in mainstream media, without it becoming an after-school special.

Like, nonchalantly showcasing that a person requiring a wheelchair isn't automatically helpless at everything.

Barney Barton requiring a wheelchair in Hawkeye #19, still a strong independent individual. Drawn by Annie Wu.

Barney Barton requiring a wheelchair in Hawkeye #19, still a strong independent individual. Drawn by Annie Wu.

Or how one-language-doesn't-fit-all-yet, Marvel's being all cutesy by making a play on words for "sign language".

Showcasing unhelpful way-finding in the most basic sense. Hawkeye #19,  Drawn by Annie Wu.

Showcasing unhelpful way-finding in the most basic sense. Hawkeye #19, Drawn by Annie Wu.

Challenging even the most avid comic readers to grasp a new language.  Most of this issue is detailing Hawkeye as a deaf character, so a lot of sign language (American Sign Language, ASL) was researched and drawn to better illustrate his point of view. What was truly phenomenal about this issue though, was that there wasn't a cheat-sheet to figure out what was being said if you weren't familiar with ASL. Fans scrambled online to learn ASL from knowledgeable fellow readers so that they could fully appreciate the story.

A deaf Hawkeye communicating with ASL. Hawkeye #19, drawn by Annie Wu.

A deaf Hawkeye communicating with ASL. Hawkeye #19, drawn by Annie Wu.

Spiderman Raising Awareness

Another fabulous commentary on our interactions/manners while out and about in general society can be found in AXIS: Revolutions #1. In this story, the bad guy is psychically emoting hate to everyone across the globe, so that the general population feels the need to fight among one another. It's up to Spiderman to reason with his fellow New Yorkers, in hopes of peace and understanding. If only we had a super villain to blame the way we tend to treat each other these days...

AXIS: Revolutions #1, drawn by Ken Lashley.

AXIS: Revolutions #1, drawn by Ken Lashley.

As I've mentioned, I love these books so much that I picked up an extra two copies to share with my Geek with Style readers!  Fill out the contest form below for your chance to win a copy of either AXIS: Revolutions #1 or Hawkeye #19, complete with digital codes for online reading (which you can give to a friend if you wish to share the love!) Both are in great just-bought and packaged condition. For the comic collectors out there, I am totally not familiar with the intricacies of judging an issue's condition, but I'd like to say they're near mint? I purchased and brought them to a non-smoking home, complete with card board and cellophane baggy, nothing bent, and I did check to ensure that the Hawkeye #19 digital code sticker was intact.

Contest is closed.
Congratulations to Stacey D. and Andrea A!

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