Check Out Free Comic Book Day This Saturday!

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Free Comic Book Day May 5 2018

It's Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 5, 2018! Every year, on the first Saturday of May, comic book stores across North America hand out an incredible assortment of free comic books from a wide range of publishers, both for kids and adults to read. How awesome is that?

Check out What Comic Books Are Free This Year!

Every year we're treated to an amazing selection of free comic books, and this year is no different. Check out all the cool comics on the list. From Power Rangers, DC Superhero Girls, and Disney Princess for the young ones, Doctor Who, Avengers / Captain America, and Riverdale for the die-hard franchise fans, and a whole assortment of try-something-new to catch anyone's interest.

Gold Level Free Comics for 2018

Free Comic Book Day Gold Level 2018

With such a huge collection of free comics to choose from, there should be something for everyone to make it a fun family trip to your local comic book store.  I personally can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Marvel's Avengers / Captain America. The Avengers story apparently will set the stage for a new direction for the Marvel Universe.

FCBD Silver Comics for 2018

Here is a sample of some of the comics available this year!

Free Comic Book Day Silver Level 2018


Free Comic Book Day Silver Level 2018

Where Can I Find the Fabulous and Free Comics?

Easy! Use this handy store locating tool to find a comic book store near you that's participating in this year's Free Comic Book Day! If you have a particular store in mind, and can't find it in the store locator, double check by calling the store directly. Or stalk their Facebook page, what evs.

Free Comic Book Day May 5 2018



Want to learn all there is to know about Free Comic Book Day? Go check out (and bookmark) their website for all the info on what should be a national holiday!

Free Comic Book Day May 5 2018

Are you excited for Free Comic Book Day?? Make it the first thing to do on your list for this Saturday! 😉

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