Fave Geek Toys at Sweet Suite, NYC

One of the most anticipated events of Blogger Bash is Sweet Suite (say that five times fast!) There’s an incredible amount of toys to be seen at this event, it all feels like a blur now, so thank goodness for pictures! Here is a quick rundown of my fave geek toys showcased at Sweet Suite that would be fun for all ages!

1. Skylanders Super Chargers

Hands down, my fave toy at the show. The new vehicles are so flipping cool! Can’t wait to go exploring in the Super Chargers world with the nephew Kit. We’re both entirely addicted to these funny creatures! In fact, as I was writing this post, Kit came in to talk to me about a Trap Team Skylander that has a bow and arrow and that I need to see if I can find it for our collection. Oooh boy, does he have me wrapped around his little finger. I happened to come home with Blackout, but he doesn’t know this yet, shhhhh. As much as I love building our Skylanders collection, it needs to be built on more than a “just because” basis, kwim?
Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack

Skylanders Trap Team Blackout

2. 3D Creation Maker by Tech 4 Kids

Okay, so this is my absolute fave non-Skylanders toy at the show. A cost efficient 3D maker for kids! Retailing at $39.99, you can teach your kids all about making their own 3D modeled toys.
3D Maker & Molds

3. Miss Piggy Hand Puppet

Puppets are fabulous toys and collectibles, and these Muppet Puppets are so beautifully made. They’re also easy on the wallet too.
miss piggy hand puppet

4. Voice Command Sky Rover

Yep, voice command. As in you can tell it to go Up, Down (and I believe left/right.) It follows your commands so that you don’t need a hand-controller to fly this drone. Which is great for when you want a Slurpee/Slushie in one hand and be able to take selfie pics with you and your drone with the other!
Voice Command Sky Rover

5. Perfect Bake App and Measuring Tool

This is an epic device for those who don’t know how to follow simple recipes (like me!) I’m too impatient, and can get confused with some of the technical terms. This measuring tool does a ton of the work for you. I tells you when to stop adding each ingredient that you pour into the mixing bowl. And if you need to learn certain techniques (like melting chocolate in the microwave,) it was a great video library that you have instant access to, right from the recipe page. Honestly, its an awesome cooking gadget for everyone.
Perfect Bake App and Measuring Tool

6. Geeker Speaker Lab

The Speaker Lab is an incredible tool to learn the science of sound, and see how invisible sound waves can carry through certain materials like sand.
Geeker Speake Lab

7. R2D2 Bubble Maker

Pure indulgence, but what geek wouldn’t want an R2D2 that blows hundreds of bubbles at once??
R2D2 Bubble Maker

8. Spider-Man Car

I want to squish myself into this vehicle, I kid you not! Our children have all the fun! If Kit had this in the garage, I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t find him in the house at all this summer; he’d be too busy cruising the parks in his amazing set of wheels.
A Spider-Man Car

9. VTech Kidizoom Toys

Both the Kidizoom smart watch and action cam are great bits of tech to let kid have fun playing with, without worrying about them breaking their tech during play. I didn’t get a chance to see these toys out of box, but they both look great for creativity in making videos, or taking pictures. The smart watch has multiple functions, including 4 learning games (with more available for download,) as well as teach you little one how to tell time, both with a digital and analogue-style face.
VTech Tech Toys 2015

10. Imagine by Rubie’s Costumes/Cosplay

I am entirely bringing Kit with me to the FanExpo this September, and would love for him to cosplay while we’re there! He loved seeing everyone in costumes last year, and I bet if I found a Robin costume, he’d be all over it for sure. He also reminds me every couple of months that he wants to be a Skylander for Hallowe’en this year! It’s nice to know where his priorities are.
Imagine by Rubie's Avengers Kids Cosplay/Costumes
[bctt tweet=”Check out the fab Marvel cosplay/costumes available from @ImagineByRubies on @AerynLynne’s #SweetSuite15 post! #BBNYC” via=”no”]

As I mentioned before, there was just SO MUCH to see and learn at Sweet Suite this year. I may just add more to this list of fun geek toys as I keep going through my pics from last week! 😉

Did any of these toys catch your eye?

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5 Comments on “Fave Geek Toys at Sweet Suite, NYC

Tammy @inRdream
August 4, 2015 at 3:42 pm

My DD9 has had the Vtech Kidizoom watch for a year now and she wears it daily. She absolutely loves it. We just got the action camera and no doubt about it I know her brother will love testing it!

August 4, 2015 at 3:50 pm

I love your round-up of the best toys! My son, like your nephew, loves Skylanders. And, while we haven’t gotten into buying the figures yet (he’s only 5), I think they’re pretty cool! I really adore the 3D toy maker… slick!

Jenna Em
August 4, 2015 at 3:59 pm

Great finds! My kids would love to get their hands on many of these toys!

Jennifer Hunt
August 4, 2015 at 4:31 pm

Oh man! Calvin would be stoked to get his hands on the Marvel costumes!

Little Miss Kate
August 4, 2015 at 10:55 pm

That 3-D Maker was so cool, I bet my oldest would LOVE one of those to make all sorts of things with. It looked easy to use, and clean up would be minimal.


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