Sneak Peek: LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home Sets Revealed

by Aeryn Lynne

In anticipation of the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, in theatres July 2019, LEGO has released a sneak peek of three epic kits that will be much loved by any Spider-Man fan!

It's hard to talk about this movie without possibly spoiling tidbits of both Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, so keep in mind that this post will reveal some aspects of the MCU.

If nothing else, you'll find out the main characters and villains for the upcoming Spidey movie.

Peter Parker's relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury suddenly shows up in his hotel room. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury stop the evil Mysterio from wreaking havoc across the continent.

Check out the cool kits LEGO has designed to celebrate favourite moments of the next installation of MCU's Spider-Man!

LEGO Spider-Man: Stark Jet and Drone Attack

$69.99 US

LEGO Spider-Man Stark Jet and Drone Attack
LEGO 76130 Spider-Man: Stark Jet and Drone Attack

Being able to build the Stark Jet is pretty awesome. But the MCU/Shield fan in me absolutely loves that this kit comes with Nick Fury and Happy Hogan!

If you get exploded in a movie, and survive, you absolutely deserve your own LEGO minifigure.

LEGO Spider-Man Stark Jet and Drone Attack pieces
LEGO Spider-Man: Stark Jet and Drone Attack individual pieces

Stark Jet features a dual minifigure cockpit with pilot seats for Happy Hogan and Nick Fury, control panel stickers, 2 guns, plus a passenger seat for Spider-Man, opening hatch function with attachment point for Spider-Man's spider web string element, rear storage compartment for 3 buildable energy bombs, adjustable wings and 2 stud shooters.

LEGO Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack

$39.99 US

LEGO Spider-Man Hydro-Man Attack 76129
LEGO 76129 Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack

Okay, this one is quite precious for Peter Parker with a Spider-Man skull cap thing, right? I love that MJ is a minifigure now too!

And, LEGO webbing! How cool?!

LEGO Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack individual pieces
LEGO Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack individual pieces

This LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man construction toy features a Venice scene with a canal-side café, bridge, gondola and a buildable water base for Hydro-Man.

Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack Unboxing

Kit and Henry (8 and 4 years old respectively) were all kinds of excited to be able to unbox the LEGO Spider-Man: Hydro Attack kit!

I was all kinds of happy that I had the best answer for what to do when the kids were stuck inside due to epic rainfall.

Check out their (brief) video debut!

LEGO Spider-Man Unbox Far From Home Hydro-Man
Kit and Henry learning their strengths as they work together to build Hydro-Man.

This LEGO build is much loved by all of us.

The kids loved being able to explore a little bit of Venice, which is quite a beautifully fun representation. There is even a trap-door bit that Kit revealed to me after we made the vid.

LEGO Spider-Man Far From Home Built Kit
#76219 LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home - Hydro-Man Attack was a fun kit to build. Eight-year-old Kit thoroughly enjoyed building and explores the Venice scene daily.

I'm a big fan of LEGO Minifigures, so finding a Peter Parker, with what amounts to a Spidey skull cap/mask, and an MJ that is in no way a damsel in distress was a highlight for me!

And LEGO webbing! How cool?!

LEGO Spider-Man: Molten Man Attack

$29.99 US

LEGO Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man Battle 76128
LEGO 76128 Spider-Man Far From Home: Molten Man Battle

This Molten Man is a pretty epic character! Truly looking forward to seeing this one on the big screen, whoa.

I LOVE that it comes with a random firefighter.

LEGO Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man Battle 76128 individual pieces
LEGO Spider-Man Far From Home: Molten Man Battle individual pieces

Molten Man buildable figure features a posable head, arms and legs, gripping claw, 6-stud rapid shooter, buildable ‘melting' objects including half a car, street lamp and traffic light, chain, melting lava stick elements and various attachment points for minifigures.

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What do you think of these Spider-Man kits? Which one needs to be in your collection right now?

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