I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane… for BlogHer 2012!

by Aeryn Lynne

Between Chantal Kreviazuk and Carly’s Call Me Maybe playing over and over in my thoughts, my head is quite an interesting place right now.

This time tomorrow I’ll be on my way to the Airport for BlogHer 2012!! Or possibly waiting patiently to board, who knows?

And right now? I just found a Sephora, Aldo, and two cops standing on a corner within walking distance from the hotel…

Photo Credit: Google
… and SAKS 5th Avenue, where it costs $300 US for a pair of Gucci sandals, but only $40 for a Marc Jacobs iPhone case. Priorities.

Saks 5th Avenue

I also just got two reminders from eventbrite, to not forget that all this BlogHer talk on Twitter and Facebook is finally going to culminate into actually being there and finally realise the amazeballs of the BlogHer conference experience.

How am I going to get any work done today?

So what’s on my to-do list before I leave my hubby for New York, New York? Well… I’ve got to pack still. And find some clothes to pack. Figure out which suitcase I’m bringing. Or am I bringing two? The beauty of owing matryoshka-esque luggage, is that I’d still only check one in on the way to NYC. Or maybe I’ll just find a duffle bag to sit inside my largest case. I’m not planning to bring junk home, but if you thought plus size ladies are large, we have nothing on our clothing when it comes to packing. I could fit myself in my luggage, but fitting enough clothes for five days, plus leaving space for the goodies I’d want to bring home is something else.

Also? I’m looking at Sephora and Aldo right now. I think I’m gonna be shopping.

I need to pick up a few things. And bizness cards may be on that list. I ordered a pack from Moo.com, but I’m picking them up when I’m in NYC. Which is cool, but I’ve just realised that the booth probably won’t be open until mid-day Thursday at the very earliest. So what will I do when the first bunch of people I meet are going to expect a biz card and think I actually went to BlogHer without the most basic necessity?? Do I buy mediocre 1-hour to print cards to tide me over until I can pick up my “real” ones? Or even worse… print them at home? *squicks*

I stupidly just found the map of the hotel/conference in the BlogHer12 App, which YAY for the map, but how come I couldn’t find it a couple days ago (online) when I was looking all over the place for one… except for on the app. *facepalm* So am going to figure out a way to print these maps and correlate them to my google calendar of fun things happening in the next few days, so that I’ll know where I’m gonna be – all psychic like. 😉

Honestly, how am I going to get any work done today?

And I’ve just now received a reminder for my flight. Thank goodness, ’cause I almost forgot!

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