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Woot, so we're almost finished the very first week on Daily Specials! I recently decided to utilize this space to talk about our health and ways to improve upon it.

Now don't run away; 'cause you're not going to find a lecture here!

Want to keep up with your day without power naps?

Or maybe, not feel like you need to rest when you're only half way through your extreme shopping trip? (This only happens to me when I'm shopping for anyone else, but myself, lol!)

HealthyLife Saturdays will be dedicated to ways to boost your energy and give your body the kick-start it may need to get you through the day, or even to help you to get more done (like all that extra holiday season shopping that needs doing ASAP!)

So lets start with some natural energy boosters to help brighten your day!


According to Benefits of, honey is a great way to naturally boost your energy for that added endurance. Honey's antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help improve digestive system, as well as keep or better your immune system, which is particularly beneficial during the COLD cold/flu season.

This site suggests that if your kids are feeling the strain of constant activity, give them a honey and ham sandwich to help sustain them through their busy days at school and extra-curriculars.


Have you heard that Ginseng can be used as an aphrodisiac??

I'm beginning to understand why many people are practically in love with this root!

According to Ginseng even the Greeks of early civilization termed this root as Panax, which is latin for “Heals all”.

But, Ginseng is a broad term. There's Asian ginseng (predominantly found in Korea, northern China, Japan, eastern Siberia, and Vietnam), as well as American, and Siberian ginseng (the latter not available in the United States, and probably Canada, as it's not “true ginseng”. LOOONG story!) All with differing properties and differing function levels. Heck, there are different colours too… so far, I've found red, white and brown, but I'm sure there's more.

Anyway, when used wisely, this adaptogen can relieve (or increase resistance to) stress/trauma, strengthen your immune system and reduce everyday fatigue by increasing your stamina. From what I've read, you name the disorder, and this baby will try to fix it for you.

Hey! What's an adaptogen? Well… whether your body is currently sustaining a level that's too high OR too low (say your blood pressure for example), ginseng can be used to bring those levels to an acceptable medium (either increase or decrease, depending on your needs!) And if you're post-menoposal, studies have shown it to help reduce cholesterol, as well as effect bone-remodeling,

Sounds awesome right? It's also been found to grow in Canada, so hey, you can purchase local.

But be warned, there is such a thing as Ginseng overdose, so read up on it heavily before introducing it into your routine.

Or talk to a naturopath. I got a bit confused with all the different types, colours, benefits, etc.


Eggs are naturally rich in B-Vitamins and Vitamin D (both of which I need to find more of in my diet, so hello DH, maybe we could try breakfast in bed sometime?), which means they can help convert the food you digest into natural energy as well as maintain bone strength.

According to Men's the best way to get this natural boost of energy into your system without over taxing your calorie/sat-fat intake is to prepare one whole egg and two to three egg whites for breakfast.

I'm thinking omlettes for breakfast tomorrow!

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