It’s weird. I don’t quite feel the holiday spirit despite getting work done on my Holiday Gift Guide, and seeing everything sparkle and shine online. I love the holidays, and look forward to them all year long, ‘cause despite the cold of the outdoors – there’s this simple warmth of ensuring you spend time with friends and family and just appreciate those relationships with fun evenings and music that everyone knows.

I mean, can you easily name that tune from these few words?

Chestnuts roasting over an open fire…

I wish I knew how, to break this spell…

I’m dreaming of a…

Regardless of why (and the answer might be spending too much time at your local mall, lol,) but we all know these tunes, and there’s a chance that at least one of them makes you smile.

For me it’s Baby It’s Cold Outside, because that song has a special meaning for TheHubs & I.

So! I need to get my tush in gear and start feeling the magic I’ve been waiting for all year long! And part of what I have planned to get into the spirit is to have a simple glam night at my home, with my girlfriends.

I’m thinking of a nice, simple, get together evening with my friends. We can talk about our love/hate relationship with holiday shopping (‘cause you’ve just got to respect some of the deals out there, lol!) I’ll pop out my collection of nail polishes, and add a bit of food and a special bubbly drink to the mix.

Will probably go pick up a couple finger food/dinner platters from our grocery store, ‘cause that’s the classier thing to do, lol. If I left it up to TheHubs, we would be feasting on square slices of pizza… which just doesn’t mix with pretty nails!

Moskato Life White

And oooh, that bubbly drink! Have you tried Moskato Life yet? It’s only available in Ontario at close to 80 Beer Store locations at the moment, but check them out next time you’re in one! If you’re a lover of bottle design like me, theirs will catch your eye. You can simply feel how they embrace and celebrate life and those achievable moments of luxury, like being able to spend a fun filled night with your friends. Their sleek and sexy look, along with the sweet taste and light carbonation, is exactly what I’m looking for to set the mood for our Girl’s Night.

 Moskato Life Rose

I can’t wait to share my recent discovery of these two fabulous Moskato Life flavours (Life White, deliciously refreshing with hints of berry and other fruit flavours and Life Rose, which is slightly sweeter,) because I’ve heard you can get inventive with this drink. I love being able to hack anything, including what I consume, so being able to try this with equal parts soda or fruit juice is just so intriguing to me!

Moskato Life

And while I get ready for my Girl’s Night here, I’ve got even more exciting news for you! RSVP here so that you can join the Moskato Life Twitter Party on December 17th, it’s a party you don’t want to miss! Moskato Life wants you to not just hear how wonderful their drink is from me, but they also want you to try it too! So join in on the fun with #MoskatoNight for your chance to win some great prizes!

Live the Moskato Life Responsibly

(Disclaimer: this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.)