It was TheHubs birthday yesterday, and I wanted to bake him a cake. He says he loves cakes I make more than store bought, though I’m sure part of it is the frugalista within him not wanting to see a receipt for $10 to $20 spent on a cake for him. He’s just silly like that.

I happened to have had a box of Angel Food Cake in the cupboard, so I did what any geek with a handy 2 in 1 Asus Transformer netbook would do and I searched God Google for an answer to “Angel Food Birthday Cake”, while standing in the “pantry”/”laundry room”/”stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the house room” to see what ingredients I’d have on hand to add to this cake. Not surprisingly, there were thousands of answers for this important question, but one in particular caught my eye.

TheHubs loves boston cream donuts, it’s usually his go to whenever we make a trip to Timmies, so I thought, why not? What I should have thought then was, “Hey! Trip to Timmies! Who says a birthday cake can’t come in six individual servings?” and proceed to purchase six actual boston cream donuts.

No, instead I found myself learning the art of making Angel Food cake (after spending $15 on a tube pan, oops! How’s that for frugal? I did check my flipp app to see if Wilton pans were on sale anywhere first, like a good spouse of a frugalista should do.)

Did you know this was a thing in Angel Food cake making?

I had no clue. I did not realise that Angel Cake requires you to first drink a bottle of wine (which might explain the initial concept, so I’m lucky I had an unfortunately-empty bottle that was yet to be recycled.) I wish I kept the box handy to show you the illustration, but I’m glad it had one, or else I wouldn’t have put any faith in the english language when it told me to do this.

The recipe (linked in the pin above) is actually quite simple on paper, it even tells you to just go buy an premade cake, which would have meant I would have missed out on the joy of hanging said cake upside-down from a wine bottle.

The end result though… Oy. Sure it tastes just as a boston cream donut would taste if the dough portion was always angel food, but the presentation. Not my forté. I convinced myself that I only wanted a two layer cake instead of three, ’cause hey, jelly and boston cream donuts only have one creamy filling middle, not two; but in reality, I didn’t see this cake standing at all if I tried dividing it into three.


Anyway, one of my fave ways to cheer myself up is to see how other pinterest peeps have “Nailed It” when attempting to recreate something beautiful they saw online.

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Haha, hedgehog cake looks rabid, I love it so much!

Do you have any Pinterest inspired woes/#NailedIt attempts? What have you tried because Pinterest made it look irresistible?