The Martian is coming out with an extended cut this June 7th! Potentially 10 minutes of extra movie time on Mars with Mark Watney, I can’t wait to see what didn’t make the cut for the theatrical release.

What would you want to see more of? Watney on Mars? More tech building and crisis management on Earth? [SPOILERS ->] Maybe some more deets on the romance between Beck and Johanssen? [end SPOILERS]

So here’s what happened when I went and saw The Martian in theatre, back in October. Both Jay and I were mesmerized by the entire plot of being stuck on Mars and how science and business management might clash in an effort to bring one person back home. As geeks, we eagerly got behind Watney’s absolute nerdy excitement over discovery and abundant life-hacking skills to save himself.

Just over two hours into the movie? Someone pulled the fire alarm in the theatre.

We had to walk out of a movie that we had invested TWO HOURS on watching so far, because someone went and pulled the alarm just as we were tipping over into the group action plan.

You thought Watney had it bad for having to wait for his taxi ride home? Jay and I ended up waiting months to rent the movie through Google Play, just so we could finally see the conclusion.

The horror.

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Well, this wait is luckily not as long with just under 2 weeks until I can go pick up the extended cut either on Digital HD, DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD, this June 7, 2016!

There is also 2 hours worth of new special features, including commentaries, deleted scenes and features like “Dare Mighty Things: NASA’s Journey to Mars” which will totally keep this geek happily munching on popcorn late into Tuesday night.

Are you just as big a fan of The Martian? Pre-order your copy of the Extended Edition now.

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