Point Zero Now Sells Plus Size Women’s Clothes

by Aeryn Lynne

I got some really exciting news from the plus size women’s clothes industry recently. One of my favourite brands is now designing modern and fresh curvy clothing! Get ready to jump for joy, just like I did, now that Point Zero has a brand new Curvy Women + line. Their plus size line is all kinds of beautiful, and made with quality, soft materials that won’t get destroyed within its first wear. There was a small time in my life where I could wear straight sizes, and wound up wearing quite a few items from Point Zero back then. Being able to wear this line once again? Makes me so incredibly happy!

Point Zero Has Women’s Plus Sizes That Fit

This should be a no brainer, but regardless of size (plus and straight sizes alike,) we’ll find that clothes won’t always fit as well as the sizing tags suggest. Trying on a pair of pants, dress and a sweater from the Point Zero Curvy Women + line, I would say that they are a slightly generous true-fit. In other words, expect a comfortable fit with your normal size tag.
Plus Size Dress & Sweater from Point Zero

Multi-Stripe Fringe Wrap Sweater, Print Stripe Dress, Leather-Look Pull-On Pants

Here’s the story. Last Tuesday, I had a beauty event to go to at the gorgeous King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto. I was all ready and had 30 minutes to spare until my ride was going to arrive, when the door bell rang. I thought, “Geez, this taxi is early, what the heck am I going to do but sit in the lobby for half an hour?” Turns out, it wasn’t the taxi. It was FedEx dropping off a parcel that I wasn’t expecting so soon. Point Zero had offered to send me some clothes to try on, but I figured it would be at least another week until then.

I’m eager when it comes to looking at new clothes, so it wasn’t even a question of whether or not I’d open the box while waiting. I knew I was in trouble though, when the first thing I pulled out was the Multi-Stripe Fringe Wrap Sweater, and absolutely loved it as much in hand, as I did looking at it on their website. I had a decision to make and 25 minutes until the taxi was to show up. For about a minute, I stood frozen wondering if I could make a dress change in time, because all three pieces looked so fab, and SO comfy. Turns out, I could get it all done (taking off tags, dressing, fixing hair, finding matching jewellery and shoes, etc.) in fifteen! I had to get my fall heels out of the back of the closet and give them a quick clean (since I hadn’t seen them since last fall,) but otherwise I wound up a little out of breath, with ten minutes to spare.

Would you know it, the taxi was six minutes early. Whew!

And, the first thing Jay says to me when we meet up for dinner that night? “Wow, you looking amazing.” #HeartsHimTHISMuch

These are my favourite pieces from their direct online store for FW 2015:

Cold Shoulder Knit TopMulti Stripe Fringe Wrap SweaterPrint Strip DressMix Print Shift Dress with BeltSnake Print, Long Sleeve TopChiffon Leopard Print Top

Coupon Code for plus size clothing at Point Zero
I cannot wait to see what they’ll come up with next! One item I am personally hoping for in the future would be Point Zero Curvy Women + Jackets. I had one loose-fitting jacket that got me through my first year of university and I’ve missed it ever since it stopped fitting.

What are your favourite pieces in Point Zero’s direct store? Give some love to Point Zero Curvy Women + on Facebook and Instagram! They’re new to the curvy world and have some fabulous pictures and info to share.

One last thing I love about their site, is that Point Zero’s store accepts PayPal! Between easy, stress-free shopping with use of PayPal and a 20% OFF Coupon Code (CURVY20) for their Curvy Women + line, you should be on their site right now!

Disclaimer & notes: Point Zero provided the clothing I’m wearing above, this post is entirely my own thoughts and feelings to share how fabulous I think this new plus size line is. Thank you in advance if you choose to support Geek with Style by using the affiliate links above. And keep an eye on my Twitter account for any future Point Zero Curvy Women + coupon codes!

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