@KristinaLibby – I Would Love to be a #WindowStyle Makeover Winner!

by Aeryn Lynne

So I guess this is a love note to @KristinaLibby and my entry into the #WindowStyle Makeover sweepstakes! I will be going to the BlogHer’12 conference in less than a month’s time, and I doubt I can properly convey to all of you on how excited I am to be going to New York City for the first time ever! It’s about a day’s train ride from Toronto, and only just over an hour by plane, but at 30+ years of age, I’ve yet to make it to NYC before now. I’ve only recently made my way to Buffalo, NY for an amazing shopping excursion with fellow curvy fashionistas, which was my first ever foray into the State of New York.

5 BlogHer attendees will be chosen to win a $1,500 style makeover by a celebrity stylist, receive a new PC and more.
~ Kristina Libby

WOOT! If you envision me jumping up and down beside my computer yelling out, “Me! Me! Me! Please!!!”… well, you’re not that far from reality. 😉

If you look around my blog, you may note that I love fashion. Love Fashion! So the idea of checking out all the street style wonders in New York is an exciting thrill! To pass the time, I’ve started building a #WindowStyle New York Street Style board on Pinterest, but alas, none of the pics feature fabulously curvy women. I’ll totally work on that.

But in the meantime, these New York street styles are on so many levels of amaze, I’d like to think that this is the type of wear I would instantly adopt if I could find them in the plus size section of my fave stores.

For instance, Miss Miranda Kerr (below, right) is solidly flawless in those blue leopard print pants, loose black tank, and that white Fedora…. *wants* Seriously, if I could just expand the entire ensemble where needed, I’d wear that to the corner store and to a night out schmoozing.


Source: shesinstyle.com via Aeryn on Pinterest


While desperately waiting for this heat wave to move on, I would drop the jacket like it’s hot, but the rest is pure fabulousness. I’m not sure if I could keep a top that bright white forever, but I would definitely give it a try. And how awesome is that shoe candy?


Source: elle.com via Aeryn on Pinterest


The swan pants is what makes this ensemble so fabulous, followed by the wedges! Love the casualness of this outfit; it would be fabulous to wear while shopping for other fabulous outfits, right?? Or going to the dentist. Or waiting on the corner, calling up your buddies and wondering how much more late are they going to be?



So why do I deserve a makeover?? Answer: I don’t know! I never can answer this question well, ’cause I immediately think of my #FirstWorldProblems, and work my way into a tizzy where I end up stating that someone truly deserves this makeover more than I.

But I will try… (Warning, ranting to follow:) After the past near-year, I really do need a pick-me-up in the clothing and tech departments. I wish I had favourited my occasional whines of my house guest horrors on Twitter for show n’ tell, and how this trip to BlogHer will hopefully revitalize me from the deep issues I’ve had for the past ten months! I think I could easily sell a sitcom script on how my guests would: never do their dishes; run up and down my stairs like a pair of elephants in their street shoes; break my laptop, and attempted to hide this fact for eight months; stay up all hours of the night, making as much noise as they possibly could, despite the hubby and I needing to work in the morning; watching so much TV and playing games on the internet that I’ve had to increase my bandwidth limit, and my internet charges, TWICE; not to mention their multiple attempts at severely burning my pots and pans, while leaving stove elements and our toaster oven on for hours while they’re out of the house… I’ve found strands of grey hair that I completely attribute to them. (/end rant)

So, I would truly love to enjoy a celebrity makeover in hopes of getting back to being fresh and vibrant! 😀

Thanks for listening Kristina! *hearts*

In the meantime, I’m really curious and will keep tuned in to find out who the celebrity stylist will be, and what kind of fun Windows has in-store for everyone at BlogHer!

In writing this post, I’m entering the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover!

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