eGifting for My Nephews’ RESP Savings Plan this Christmas

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Just heard some amazing news regarding the Heritage Education Funds RESP savings plan the in-laws have created for both nephews, Kit and Henry. When it comes to birthday and Christmas gifting, Jay and I are adamant on adding funds to their RESP each year. Climbing tuition fees can be tough for anyone, so we’re doing what we can to help relieve stress on raising funds for the best college savings plan they could have. And, as of now? With Heritage eGifting, the first and only group funding program in Canada for RESPs, it’s easier than ever to do so!

eGifting for an RESP With the Help of FundRazr

Right up until last week, we’ve gifted cash in a card for each of their birthdays. It’s definitely a difficult way to top up their accounts this way, but it’s something we had come to accept. While Jay and I trust our in-laws to use the money as we’ve asked, they could easily forget to do so, simply by accident. With two very young, super-active children, it’s entirely reasonable if they forget to add a bit extra to their children’s RESPs the next time they’re making a contribution. It’s the best solution we had, since we don’t have access to make direct contributions, and we’ve grudgingly accepted those limitations until now.

Thankfully, and just in time for Christmas, Heritage Education Funds has made it so much easier for friends and family to add funds to a child’s RESP with the help of and I can’t wait to get my in-laws on board! The genius behind using this secure platform to transfer funds to my nephews’ accounts is exciting!

After setting up a campaign through their secure Subscriber Online account with Heritage, all they would have to do is send the campaign to all their loved ones. After that, Heritage would work with them to apply the funds to their child’s RESP! It’s just that easy.

Using FundRazr for a child’s RESP means:

  • No longer having to rush to the bank just before a birthday party to add money to the card. We can use our PayPal account instead which is entirely preferable with us;
  • No longer making a messy birthday card by writing “It’s for their RESP!!” in large, bold-faced cursive, highlighted and accompanied by a multitude of arrows;
  • Having an easy way to encourage other aunts, uncles, and even the grandparents to add money to the child’s RESP at the same time, particularly with the Facebook integration feature;
  • And most importantly, having an organized, simple system that the parents can use, and ultimately won’t forget about, when it’s time to make another contribution.

This is what’s known as a win-win-win-win!

Heritage RESP eGifting Powered by FundRazr

Do you help contribute to an RESP for a child in your life? Will you be doing so this Christmas? Check if their education savings plan is set up with Heritage Education Funds, and talk to the parents about using FundRazr to help everyone involved!


Disclaimer: Thank you to Heritage Education Funds for helping me support my nephew’s RESP by sponsoring this post. All thoughts are my own.

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5 Comments on “eGifting for My Nephews’ RESP Savings Plan this Christmas

Randa @ TBK
December 9, 2015 at 5:04 pm

This is so amazing! I am so exciting about eGifting this is perfect for my son – he doesnt need anymore toys!

Maya Fitzpatrick
December 9, 2015 at 11:42 pm

This is one of the best gift ideas ever! i’m totally going to set this up for my sons’ birthdays too. I honestly hate receiving an excessive amount of toys (which we eventually donate or re-gift), so this is a much more practical idea, especially since we love contributing to this anyway.

Paula Schuck
December 10, 2015 at 10:05 am

This is very cool! I could see how appealing this would be for relatives. I would use that myself for my nephew and niece. We have ours set up and it’s ben set up with a different company for 14 years now. We are doing okay but I like that Heritage is innovating in this space. Smart move.

Heather Lynne
December 10, 2015 at 12:12 pm

I think this is a great things they have set up for Heritage- makes it so much easier to “donate” to their fund!

Jenna Em
December 10, 2015 at 1:02 pm

Yes, we’ve been contributing to RESPs for all 5 of our kids since there were infants. It was my husband’s idea, and it was a great one. It’s hard to believe that we’re TEN years into my oldest son’s RESP!


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